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Robust Public WiFi

Properly designing and managing a "robust" Wireless Internet (or WiFi) network can be a challenge.  Not only are the technical details are important, but also many policy decisions come into play.  Some examples include the ones below:
  • How will the usage or access to the WiFi be tracked, restricted, or controlled?
  • What specific legal disclaimers or Terms of Use should be presented to the network's users prior to them being allowed to use the WiFi system?
  • How will the service and its usage be monitored?
  • What traffic or activity types will be allowed on the network?  What types are not allowed?
  • How will the organization handle access requests?  How about reports of weak signal coverage, connection issues, troubleshooting, etc.?
  • How will the organization who provided or ordered the Internet circuit handle (or respond to) any requests from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or law enforcement, in case illegal or suspicious activity occurs using the public WiFi?
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