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Office Moves

Office moves are always a challenging time for any organization, regardless of its size or mission.  RiteTech's move projects are led by a Project Management Institute-certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  The RiteTech team can assist with all of the IT aspects of your organization's upcoming move, including:

  • Assessment of possible future office spaces; ensuring that networking, wiring, and other facilities are sufficient for your company's IT needs
  • Coordination of the move of various IT utilities and services, such as telephone service, Internet Service Provider (ISP), etc.
  • New telephone equipment (if appropriate) and/or professional disposal of old equipment
  • IT Support prior to, during, and after the move - including ensuring that all critical systems are backed up PRIOR to the move, with restoration protocols tested BEFORE the move occurs
  • Updates to web sites, and other information sources or directories after the move