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VoIP & Service Providers

In our "past lives", RiteTech's core staff worked for two different phone companies, so we know firsthand that doing VoIP or a new phone system "right" often isn't as easy or straightforward as it may seem.  Sadly, there are a lot of poor-quality VoIP, telephone, and Internet providers who like to entice new customers with low rates, who then offer poor service while locking customers into contracts with large cancellation fees.  RiteTech takes the time to learn about your organization's specific needs up front.  We can sell and pre-configure a full phone system using either high-quality VoIP and/or traditional phone lines.  When researching alternatives, here are some helpful questions to keep in mind:

Does the competitor offer advanced features that can help business and staff productivity, such as optional transcription of Voicemails to e-mails or text (SMS) messages?  Does the telephone provider supply an on-site device to ensure Quality-of-Service, and automatic rerouting of incoming calls in case of an on-site failure (e.g. extended power outage, flood, etc.?).  How easy (or costly) is it to change providers or equipment brands if you are unhappy?  Can the provider promise prompt, local support and responsiveness to issues?